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Here is where Flow Wine Group veterans share their expertise about wine & spirits and the feedback we get from USA consumers we interact with

Wine Education is Key to Wine Sales


As an industry, we tend to stratify our consumers as Gen Z, Millenial, Gen X and Baby Boomers – constantly looking for the data that sets them apart from each other. That data is there; people are generally different in some ways from generation to generation. Fortunately, though, whether it’s the type of wine they…

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What is Vin de France?


Aside from the obvious (French wine), Vin de France is a new national appellation from France. France is known for its individual appellations. For example, you don’t necessarily buy a Pinot Noir; you buy a Burgundy. You don’t necessarily buy a sparkling Chardonnay; you buy a blanc de blanc Champagne. This is how it’s always been done…

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The Five Pillars of Philosophy


The Five Pillars of Philosophy When you think about it, wine is about people. It is about the people who farm the grapes, the people who make the wine, those who sell it and those who drink it. Most of us fit somewhere in there. At Flow Wine Group, we both sell and drink it.…

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Flow Wine Group In-store Professionalism


I have been to many events at stores where other people were also presenting wines. Quite often, I am amazed by their lack of professionalism. Therefore, I am writing this article to reinforce what our goals are at Flow Wine Group when we do events. People who attend our events look to our wine consultants…

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Favorite Winter Sangria Recipe To Share


Melissa Kok, Southeast Regional Manager for Flow Wine Group, has a favorite winter sangria recipe to share with everyone. She stumbled upon this Apple Cider Sangria recipe on Pinterest several years ago. The recipe is from Jessica from How Sweets Eats. Melissa has been making this wonderful concoction every year since then because it is…

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Photo Contest Winner


Congratulations to Jack Lane from Massachusetts for winning the Flow Wine Group photo contest! Flow Wine Group every so often, holds contests among the consultants to snap the best photo featuring themselves hard at work.  Jack’s submission was captivating photo from his Vinho Verde in-store tastings at Blanchard’s Wine & Spirits for Benson Marketing Group…

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Clients Partners

Learn by Drinking!


“The best way to learn is by drinking wine!”  exclaimed consultant Thiem Ly. Though some might feel this to be a controversial opinion, in this particular case, we at Flow Wine Group feel it’s dead on accurate. Late last year and into mid 2017, Flow Wine Group helped to certify many wine aficionado scholars in…

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