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Spirits & Wine Tastings

Flow wine consultants host tastings in indie retail stores and chain accounts, wine bars, restaurants, indoor and outdoor event venues.

Tastings are one of the most critical factors in gaining new converts to a brand. In a recent consumer survey by Nielsen, 75% of wine consumers ranked in-store tastings as the #1 reason for trying new wines

In-Store Tastings

Why Invest?

You are helping the retailer sell your brand: you are helping yourself get a placement there and a repeat order once you sell your wine

Tastings increase your brands awareness putting it directly in front of consumers allowing them to try before they buy 

You have an event to market on your Social Network and build a fan base


When consumers taste your wine, you can turn them to your wine

You are helping the distributor by helping the retailer

Pouring Wine
Whiskey Bottles

On Premise Tastings

Service Features:

Flow Wine Group sends a brand ambassador to the venue, often during happy hour

We pour samples for guests who want to taste and tell a short story about the wine or spirit, including its “special” price, food pairings, etc.

We take pictures of people enjoying

We gather guest feedback

Interested guests order more from their server or bartender

Management confirms sales during the promotion time

Specialty Tastings

Beyond wine, Flow Wine Group consultants showcase cheeses, craft beers and spirits, and other gourmet products that require specialty knowledge. We often showcase cheeses with wines as well, so that consumers get a taste of flavor pairings

Cheese Selection
pouring wine.jpg

Nationwide Wine & Spirit Consultant Network

Flow Wine Group Consultants are trained beverage experts who represent your brands. They are screened for wine/spirit knowledge, experienced and most importantly passionate for each beverage type.

These attributes make them stand apart in the industry with their ability to connect with consumers.


Thousands of beverage experts across the USA in cities and towns where there is a strong retail presence.

We only hire staff who are wine knowledgeable: able to discuss wine regions, varietals and the effect of regions on wines.

POS | Samples | Supplies

Options for fulfillment of Point of Sale (POS) materials for tastings, events and seminars:

Clients can ship POS materials to Flow Wine Group consultants or to event locations

Clients can provide bulk POS to Flow Wine Group: We can kit and ship materials from our warehouse. Contact us for pricing.

Options for Samples Procurement:

Clients and/or their distributors can provide samples to the accounts
Flow Wine Group consultants can purchase samples from the accounts
Some states require the accounts to provide samples, contact us for details


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