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Education increases sales!
When sales teams understand wines they are selling, they develop a passion to teach others & increase brand interest.

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Flow Wine Group Seminar

Trade Seminars

FWG organizes wine seminars for distributors, retail sales teams, hotel, wine bar and restaurant staff.

Regional wine councils & producers provide FWG with the highest quality educational data available for seminar presentations

FWG works with world class educators and sommeliers to educate the trade and our consultants


FWG handles coordination and execution details such as scheduling, venue selections, evites, educational materials, tasting mats, event preparation, execution, quantitative audience feedback, and other details to make seminars successful

Live & Virtual Trainings

FWG hosts live trainings for our consultants in select markets

We recommend that clients feature their products at our trainings to help our consultants become familiar with their brands

We can divide live training costs between featured clients

FWG provides virtual trainings for all consultants

Webinars, tech sheets & links to client websites are options to provide us with the knowledge to communicate product info to consumers


Webinars taught by experts ensure product knowledge at the point of sale


We record virtual trainings to provide education to staff unable to attend

FWG Training

Consultant Quizzes

All Flow Wine Group consultants must pass a general wine knowledge quiz in order to work for us. They also must prove they are able to sell in order to be assigned to ongoing events.

We track who attends trainings provided by wine regions and private clients and assign the most actively learning consultants to events requiring the highest level of knowledge.

Clients who would like to provide quizzes with their trainings should contact us for more information.

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