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Wine Education Is Key To Wine Sales

As an industry, we tend to stratify our consumers as Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X and Baby Boomers – constantly looking for the data that sets them apart from each other. That data is there; people are generally different in some ways from generation to generation. Fortunately, though, whether it’s the type of wine they buy or how they buy it, we are seeing one common thread: Wine education.

According to a recent poll by Drizly, a leading alcohol e-commerce firm, “there is common ground among generations: for one, a shared desire for more education to help inform their purchases of wine, spirits and beer, in descending order.” The study also found something that would not necessarily be front-of-mind for most wine marketers or merchants: “digitally-native Gen Z purchases alcohol from local liquor stores more often than their Millennial, Gen X and Baby Boomer counterparts.” Who would've thought?

At Flow Wine Group, our focus is on customer education at the point of sale. That is our mandate. It is what we do. We pride ourselves on having the most wine-savvy consultants in the business. We hire wine people, we develop them, and we continue their wine education through our training seminars. With the help of our clients, we make sure that each consultant has technical specs on each wine they are pouring before they get to their event. At day’s end, we are in the wine education business. Our people are excited and knowledgeable about wine, and they evangelize consumers at point of sale.

As you look into a consistently more complicated and stratified marketplace, you can look to us to help you surmount the obstacles. We can saturate a market with tastings of your brand. We can establish and conduct on-premise tastings and promotion – as well as the standard off-premise. Whether you are a region looking for bigger market share through consumer interaction or a brand trying to get it’s foot in the door in a specialized market – talk to us. We work for you.

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