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Wine Parties Brought to You!

Whether you are connecting with family, rewarding your team, or raising a glass with friends, Flow Wine Group provides a virtual party experience customized to your tastes.

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How it works:


Choose your event dates and fill out our online register form.


With your input, we curate your wine party selections.



Open your computer, connect to our Wine Consultant and have fun!

Why Raise A Glass With Flow Wine Group?

Create an exciting way to get together with friends, family and co-workers by hosting a Virtual Wine Party with a certified wine expert guiding you through a deluxe wine tasting.  Our Raise a Glass Virtual Party Host will direct you through technical set up, curate your wine choices depending on your theme and assist with procuring your wine selections for your special event. On the day of the event, Flow Wine Group's Party Host will lead a private online segment for you and your attendees, guiding you through your flight with entertainment and education.  By being virtual, your guests can be physically with you or have the option to enjoy your event while nestled comfortably elsewhere. Where ever you may be, get ready to be whisked away on a whole new experience!



Classic: Taste classic examples of top-quality wines from the wine world’s most beloved regions

Diverse Discoveries: Discover new wines, producers, lesser-known regions, and new flavors

Grand Cru: Treat your guests to fine wine selections for an unforgettable experience




Tasting Mat

Wine Notes

Food Pairing Recommendations

Private 60-minute virtual event with your group and a Flow Wine Expert



2 or 3 wines are recommended

*If your group is joining the party virtually from various locations, we recommend 2 or 3 bottles per household or log-in location.

**We usually order wines from Wine.com and ship to each location.  If a local retail store is preferred, we’ll discuss options.


Party Formats


We utilize the following formats which can be customized based on the group and occasion

Education:  Fun educational content with our wine expert

Trivia:  Trivia games get the group involved throughout the party

Interaction: Your party host will guide the group to interact more or less depending on your preference





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