The Five Pillars of Philosophy

The Five Pillars of Philosophy

When you think about it, wine is about people. It is about the people who farm the grapes, the people who make the wine, those who sell it and those who drink it. Most of us fit somewhere in there. At Flow Wine Group, we both sell and drink it. One of our clients, Taub Family Selections, put together a great philosophy about wine, comprised of five pillars. Here is our interpretation.

Passion: The core of everything we do. At Flow, we are fine-wine people. We sell wine through education – letting people decide how much they would like to know. When we pour wine, we share our love of all things vinous with the customers we interact with. We help them learn why we love the wine, and why they could as well.

When you taste a wine like Champagne André Jacquart, you can feel the passion of the winemaker and the winemaking team in the vineyards. Instead of buying grapes from other growers as many Champagne houses have always done, Jacquart has been growing their own grapes for generations. As early as 1958 Monsieur André Jacquart flipped the scenario where one family produced the grapes and another made the wine. He created his own estate-bottled Champagne in the Grand-Cru village of Le Menil-sur-Oger. His granddaughter, Marie Doyard, has become the fifth generation to create this grower Champagne.

Integrity: Our moral compass is what guides our actions and interactions. We execute our events based on what is best for our clients (brands and wine regions) and our customers who buy the wine. We want customers to leave a tasting knowing just a little bit more than when they got there – hopefully, with a bottle of really good wine in hand.

When you taste wines like those from Mas de la Dame you learn about Anne Poniatowski’s and Caroline Missoffe’s commitment to the earth and the health of their community in Provence. Working organically (certified by ECOCERT), they see themselves as stewards of their small part of the earth – protecting the land into the future.

Family: We are all part of the larger family of man. As our wine consultants interact with our communities, we focus on compassion as well as on responsibility to our clients and to the wine-drinking public with whom we interact at all of our events. We believe in safety and moderation as that is what is best for society as a whole.

When you taste wine like those from Marchesi Fumanelli in Veneto, you are experiencing the fruits of the labor of 28 generations of one family. This family has owned and farmed the land for almost 550 years. They make wine that they want their family (and yours) to enjoy happily and healthily.

Curiosity: We see it as our responsibility to consistently learn so that we can teach. We seek out answers in the ever-so-complicated world of wine. Collectively, we celebrate what we know – and strive to discover what we don’t. We see it as our job to impart this information is a way that benefits our clients’ business and our customers’ desire to understand the world of wine just a little bit better.

When you taste wine like those from Los Vascos in Chile, you can see how the producer’s natural curiosity led them to experiment with new regions and new grapes. The Rothschild family from France went to Chile to make wine from the local grapes. Their Carmenère is an excellent example of how interest in exploring the world around you can lead to wonderful innovations.

Terroir: We celebrate the differences in each grape variety, wine region and style. We work hard to help people develop a better appreciation of why certain wines taste certain ways – and above all, to help them learn what they like and why.

When you taste a wine like Château Lafite Rothschild, you can understand why, in this region (Bordeaux), they have been growing these grape varieties in this soil with this climate for hundreds of years. You can see the importance of doing one thing and doing it very well – of finding your expertise and playing to your strengths.

Flow Wine Group appreciates the Five Pillars of Philosophy developed by Taub Family Selections. We pursue these tenets every day, and try to live up to them in all of our professional endeavors.


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