Integrated Promotions

Flow Wine Group negotiates and executes integrated promotions with independent and chain retail stores, restaurants and wine bars

Integrated promotions ensure that your marketing message is consistently received by the greatest number of consumers in your target distribution channels and markets

Integrated Promotions Include

Advertising/Digital Marketing such as in-store flyers, newsletters, email blasts, website ads, social media, blog posts, radio ads

Merchandising such as: displays, window displays, shelf talkers

Sampling: in-store tastings, hand selling events

In-store food and wine experiences

Education: special events, consumer seminars, staff trainings

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Make An Impact!

  • Advertising, merchandising, sampling, and education come together to engage consumers about your brand or category of wine & spirits. Hire Flow Wine Group to organize these elements with accounts to make an impact for your brands!
  • Integrated promotion result reports include sales lift, consumer reach, photos, and account feedback.  Contact us for details

What People are Saying

“The food/wine pairings and consumption of both(!) was fabulous”  – Jim S., party guest

“My team enjoyed the mix of education, trivia, and interactions that made it fun” – Angela E., party host