Flow Wine Group recruits wine knowledgeable consultants in major USA markets

Flow Wine Group Consultants are trained beverage experts who represent your brands. They are screened for wine/spirit knowledge, experience, and most importantly passion for each beverage type. These attributes make them stand apart in the industry & their ability to connect with consumers.

Our team is constantly growing and evolving based on the needs of our clients and trade partners.

What our consultants are saying

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Alan Klopman

Miami, FL
Wine Consultant since 2012

«In the 4 years I’ve been with this company I’ve seen them grow from a start up to a major player in the world of wine marketers. The work is fun and rewarding as the Flow Wine Group pays well, represents some of the world’s finest wines and treats their demo people like family. You couldn’t do better if you are looking for fun weekend supplemental income.»

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Brock Janoff

New York, NY
Team Leader & Wine Consultant since 2015

«I like working for for Flow Wine Group because I enjoy being
part of the exciting wine business! I can choose when and where I
want to work, so it fits my schedule. Working at Flow Wine Group
is great for learning more about wine and for meeting other wine professionals and wine enthusiasts.»


Christa McCaffrey

Chicago, IL
Team Leader & Wine Consultant since 2012

«As Team Leader for the Midwest Region these past 5 years, I've had the chance to work on some incredible programs such as Wines of Garnacha, Loire Valley Wines, Discover Ribera y Rueda, and L’Aventure Languedoc, just to name a few. The ongoing education and training has been invaluable! It not only benefits our clients, it also benefits the consumer. Our consultants are prepared to create a dynamic and engaging tasting experience every time they get behind the table. Just one more reason FWG rises to the top!»

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Billy Cannon

San Francisco, CA
Account Relations Manager & Wine Consultant since 2016

«Working for Flow Wine Group as both a consultant and manager has been a fantastic experience because our leadership and consultants come from a wide variety of backgrounds within the wine industry. Everyone shares knowledge and contacts
throughout our ranks to ensure our clients get the best experience possible. I enjoy working for a company that takes pride in education while allowing their contractors autonomy with schedules.»

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Nate Garn

Newport News, Virginia
Wine Consultant since 2013

«As a consultant for Flow Wine Group, I am able to share my passion for wine with others, while simultaneously earning a living and expanding my own knowledge of the industry. It doesn't get much better than this!»

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Linda Jackson

Charlottesville, VA
Wine Consultant since 2016

«I love wine! I love learning about wine and love sharing what I know. At Flow Wine Group, I have an opportunity to both to learn (from the staff) and to teach (on the job). Always around the atmosphere of fun.»

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